By Jacek Lagowski

ipcressuntitled asked: watching your blog calms me down somehow... nice photography

Thanks bud!

By Nikola Pavlinovic

Anonymous asked: BAE

azarikh asked: is teale ur friend?

I’d like to think so. She came here to NZ on a business trip (modeling) and we met up (via tumblr).

Teale shot by Nikola Pavlinovic
By Rafael Godoy Brito

Anonymous asked: how do you make your animations? love your work!!

Multiple layers + Timeline in photoshop. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube!

This colour though (‘:

Anonymous asked: Dude, you photos are too dark. Move that aperture needle up a bit. But not that I care actually.

Anonymous asked: You're from New Zealand, right?

Born in Croatia, living in New Zealand.

Cristi by Bkkr

Anonymous asked: I followed you a long while ago before I left tumblr and the growth and development you've made with your craft is so incredible! Not that it wasn't great at the beginning, you've just gotten better and better! Stay golden, pal.

THANK YOU, you too (~’:

Jennifer Pugh, photographed by owner and creative director at Wildfox Kimberley Gordon